About Céline

My name is Céline and I teach hatha yoga through a gentle vinyasa flow.

The emphasis of my classes is on the meditative aspect of yoga, working with the breath and its connection to the asanas (poses) and movement. I also incorporate pranayama (breath control techniques) and yoga nidra (‘yogic sleep’ or deep relaxation). My purpose is to guide students beyond the physical angle, which is only one of the dimensions of yoga.

I have been practicing with different schools since 2008. My journey started with kundalini yoga as I was initially interested in the energetic elements of yoga. I later discovered hatha, mantra and raja yoga in India, where I got in touch with the traditional approach. I became fascinated about the yoga philosophy and I started to meditate on a regular basis.

I came across ashtanga vinyasa yoga when I moved to London. I found it extremely physical, yet I observed similar concentration benefits as in meditation. I also felt more grounded and I was amazed by the positive effects on my flexibility, strength and energy levels. I decided to take a teacher training, as way to deepen my knowledge and push myself into a daily practice. Throughout this process, I was drawn to share and begin teaching to others.

As an eternal student. I love reflecting on the yoga scriptures and the teaching of Indian yogis like Yogananda & Vivekananda who brought this ancestral system to the West. I’m also deeply inspired by Amma for her selfless devotion to the world and Edward Salim Michael for his precious teaching on the law of attention. The wisdom of such teachers encourages me to evolve in my yoga practice and, utlimately, as a human being.

I teach every Wednesday near Finsbury Park and I sometimes run workshops and retreats. Feel free to contact me for more information. If you are interested in private classes in English, French or Spanish, I can teach in any of these languages.

Aum shanti, Céline



In addition to my self study & practice, I took various trainings and obtained the following certification: 2015: 6 month Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, Bihar School of Yoga in London 2015: Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga London (Yoga Alliance School) 2014: 200h Teacher Training,  Yoga London (Yoga Alliance School)